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Hello! My Introduction

Hello! I was allowed into this community today and am very grateful. (Thank you Maintainers!) Even though it looks like this community has been quiet for a while I look forward to participating. I've already enjoyed reading previous posts and look forward to new ones. I think "badheathens" are cool. Although I do have to say that after reading previous posts, it seems to me some of you here aren't all that bad! You're cool anyway. 

I enjoy respectful, thought-provoking dialog and hope to make some new friends here. Here are a few reasons I think I am a "badheathen":

I write (Neo) Heathen rather than Heathen but am fine with hose who write Heathen.

I’m not (Neo) Heathen but I am Vanatru.

I have nothing to do with Odin or the Aesir but don't have a problem with those who do.

I’m not religious but I’m wed to Freyja and dedicated to Freyr. It's okay with me if others are religious.

I sometimes roll my eyes when I read Old Norse or Anglo-Saxon words in what others write. Sometimes it comes off to me as the literary equivalent to putting on period costumes.

I am very happy in the US and have no longing to go to Northern Europe to somehow be closer to my goddess and god. Freyja and Freyr are present right here.

I read the Eddas and other lore as one who is Vanatru. That means I read them in the same way I watch SEC Football. Just as I watch SEC football as one who is fiercely loving and loyal to the Georgia Bulldogs, I read the Eddas and other lore as one who is fiercely loving and loyal to the Vanir. Just as my view of SEC football games is seriously biased in favor of the Dawgs, so my reading of the Eddas and other lore is seriously biased in favor of the Vanir. I have given you a fair warning.

I think that there is no mythology of the Vanir only a mythology of the Aesir that contains references to the Vanir.

I created a list of 25 Common Misconceptions about the Vanir in which I interpret Aesiric Mythology in a very eccentric way. Hey, it makes sense to me. Again, I am biased in favor of the Vanir and own my bias.

I think that the concept of UPG is UPG. Take some time and let the idea go off in your brain. If you have to ask what I mean, you probably don’t get it. ;-) GIve it time.

I have to say I actually learned some important things from Edred Thorsson’s Witchdom of the True and books on the Runes.

I’m not a hard polytheist. I’m a polytheistic monist- or at least that's my best attempt so far to label my experience. Try that in a group of”good” (Neo) Heathens.

That’s probably enough for now.

Again, I am happy to be here and look forward to participationg. I hope I can stay. Thanks!

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