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Bad Heathens of Midgard, Unite!

A meeting place for Heathen outcasts

Bad Heathens
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This community is for everyone who's ever been told he's "not really Asatru" or called a "bad Heathen" because of his beliefs and practices. Since so many people have different ideas of what makes a bad Heathen, members with radically different opinions are welcome to post here. Only a few ground rules apply:

  1. Promoting obvious non-Heathen belief systems (atheism, Buddhism, Christianity and so forth) is prohibited here. If you consider yourself "dual tradition" (combining Heathenry with another faith), you are welcome to post here and mention issues related to the dual-tradition question...as long as you don't insist that "Heathen-only" types should worship more than one pantheon themselves.

  2. Promotion of any non-Heathen political group, or of racial supremacist groups who claim to be Heathen, is prohibited here. NOTE: Simply being Folkish does not make a group "racial supremacist" or "non-Heathen" automatically...but groups such as "Heathen Front" or "Storm Front", which clearly fit into the forbidden category, shouldn't be advertised here.

  3. Personal attacks on any community member are prohibited: disagreeing with their beliefs and practices is fine, but calling names is not.

  4. Describing personal negative experiences with a Heathen leader or organization is acceptable here, as long as groups aren't attacked unfairly. Saying "Troth Elder X abused members of my kindred repeatedly" is OK if you can back it up with specific incidents; saying "all Troth godhar must be lowlifes like Elder X" is not.

  5. Images and quiz results posted here should have some obvious connection to Heathenry; large images should be placed behind cut-tags.

  6. Crossposting messages to relevant communities (Heathen or otherwise) is generally acceptable. However, crossposts or quotes posted with the intent to start flame wars, attack community members, or disrupt the community will be deleted.

As long as you follow the rules above and the general LiveJournal usage policy, feel free to speak your minds honestly and openly. Gods bless!