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I belong to a local kindred that is going to stay local for now.  We are exploring what the gods mean to us through both scholarship and personal experience.  And we care not one whit if some grumpy Heathen or another 1000 miles from us frowns on our local thew.  

I'm a Heathen on the local scene, but also belong to a national Druid organization.  Druids are typically nicer people.  In any case, learning to honor the land and natural cycles is important to me.  Within Heathenry I focus on Freyja and Freyr, but also give Odin his due. 

I and my kindred are especially interested in the esoteric arts within Heathenry - runes-galdr, Seidhr, even "hexology" from the German-American communities.   We don't have a problem using esoteric currents from greater neopagandom (Druidry, in particular) to fill in the gaps when we have to.  We're just starting to experiment, but I feel as the future progresses we will draw much closer to the gods, wights and ancestors than studying the Lore alone would have done.  Some people would call us Wiccatru. My response is that we are not Wiccatru. If anything, we are Druidtru ;-)  
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