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Bad heathen, researching

I've been rather doubly a bad heathen of late - I've been diving more and more into reading histories trying to make sense of "what was" and how it leads to now - as well as exploring Saami and Siberian cultures (both of whom had contact) to try to understand "missing bits". In my defence I've been trying to learn some of the Sagas in the Norse, as my broken Dutch and German seem to be helping.

Some questions, just to rile things up a bit.
- How are folks on seeing similarities between the Shamans (Siberia) and Seiðr? (or even with the Saami)
- For me, it's looking like the move towards trade and the challenge of it was a natural move away from war, historically. The move to war was associated with the rise of Odin, what would this be?
- We seem to be moving away from trade/consumption as "core values of culture". Slowly. Any ideas on this? :)

Perhaps I've been reading too much casual archaeology online. Cheers!
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