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Diverging Views of Government, Tyr

pagan_prompt: Arguing with Gods
In a recent psychological study found that people tended to project their own moral and political opinions onto the divine. The study focused mostly on American Christians however and one wonders what the results may be in Pagan circles.

So for today's prompt: Do you agree with your Primary Patron/Matron (or a generalized image of the divine) on all ethical or political issues? What differences, if any, do you see yourself having in opinion with your deity? (if you need some specific issues to focus on the study in question asked about opinions on abortion, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, the death penalty, the Iraq War, and the legalisation of marijuana).
I share a patron god with Dan Halloran, the Theodsman who was recently elected to City Council in Queens and the first "open" pagan to have ascended public office.

While we both turn to Tyr, we have wildly divergent views of government and economics. As a Libertarian, Mr. Halloran sees the best government role to be a nonexistent one, while I take issue with that, seeing the individual as being subject to, and a major part of, governance (who else would Tyr have lorded over, but man?). Unfortunately, we cannot realistically revert back to the tribal system of government, so we have to make due with what we have.

As for capitalism, or at least, laissez-faire capitalism, I need only point to the fact that Tyr sacrificed his hand to bind Fenris. Where was the profit there? I would argue that he made an enormous sacrifice (some seeing this act as an abdication of sovereignty, given the fact that Odin replaced Tyr as the supreme deity at some point in time), and that the honorable person would follow this example. It is not about the individual, but rather about the tribe: the community, the greater good.

I would be really interested in hearing Mr. Halloran's point of view, and where in the lore he justifies how he believes. Granted, he might be on a closer wavelength to Tyr than I am mystically (not having that gift, myself), but I haven't been set straight the way other deities have intervened on affronting situations.

I could go on at great lengths about this issue, but I think this crystallizes my main disagreements with the "mainstream" beliefs about Asatru.

Comments? Repudiations? I'd like to hear what others think on the matter.
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