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Thinking too hard, too late at night.

I am a bad heathen and a worse ritualist. My idea of a blott is to buy and extra order of chicken nuggets for the crows. I tend to pray in the shower.

Part of it is that I have this vision of a conversation with Odin.

Me: Great Odin, smite mine enemies and make them tremble in their piss filled boots.
Odin: Okay. Where's you spear.
Me: Haven't got one.
Odin: Scrub the rust of your axe.
Me: can't find it. It's in the garage some place.
Odin: Tell me you've at least called a lawyer. Hitman?
Me: Uhmm.
Odin: Oh forget it.

I'm not a warrior- I might have been one once.
I'm not a skald- oh I can write, but face to face I choke and snivel.
I'm not a seithr- I don't know where to begin.

But today I promise to try. There's got to be something around here I can arm myself with.
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