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Bad Heathens of Midgard, Unite!
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Sunday, November 9th, 2014
10:10 am
Politics overview, simple
This is a simple overview of political theory in the US, mostly, but might be useful in other nations.

Basic things to know to understand this: I am using a general knowledge here, not necessarily in depth, and basic definitions.

Conservatives are people who like the status quo. They generally like things as they are, or want to go back to a "simpler, better"time. They generally, in the U.S., argue for' smaller government ' but not of it will effect military, businesses, etc. Notice I said "generally"; some will have different views.

Liberals are people who want to expand liberty, and generally see government action as the way to do it. They want everyone to have what they need, and seek laws to make that possible. Again, I said "generally".

Fascists believe in absolute governmental authority, in conjunction with business.

Socialists believe the means of production should be in the hands of all the producers. This means anyone involved in making a product should share equally in the profits. It's actually a economic theory, but is used in politics to stand against...

Capitalist, who believe in the market, as in, if it makes money, it's good. If it losers money, it fails. This, also, is an economic theory used in politics.

Progressives are liberals in steroids. They generally believe that government should take the side of all the people, but especially the economically and socially marginalized members, over virtually everything, especially Big Business.

Libertarians are... Well, it matters which ones you mean. But by definition, they seek more liberty for all and can be summed up in the adage "your rights stop where mine start". In other words, what you do with you and yours is your business, until you interfere with what I do with mine.

Anarchists... Well, again, we have that "there's alot of different types" issue. But most anarchists can agree on these basic ideas:
Government corrupts. It continuously seeks to limit liberty "for the greater good", which cannot be the greatest good if it limits liberty. Liberty, and the freedom it brings, ARE the very definition of greatest good.

A word about corruption. We generally think of it as bribes, taking money or kickbacks. But it comes in many forms. Taking a side against or for something, which is good for you and yours, but screws someone else, is corrupt. "By any means necessary" is corrupt. "Might makes right" is corrupt. Anything--ANYTHING--that takes away of limits another person's freedom to give you advantages, is corrupt.

I've passed over alot and ignored and/or simplified much. But like I said, this I'd the simple version. More in depth to come.

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Saturday, December 22nd, 2012
8:00 am
First Day of Yule
I blot Frey and Freya, the Landwrights and the Returning Sun with hard cider and bread. The fires burned through the night and the watch was kept while the house slept safe and warm. Now to reclaim my bed.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, July 28th, 2012
2:21 am
Norse Mythology & Christianity

Is it just me or do certain parts of Norse mythology look an awful lot like Christianity? Aske & Embla sound suspiciously like Adam & Eve. Valhalla is like the Christian heaven. Odin on tree is very much like the crucifixion, and Ragnarok is the Last Judgement.

I think the lore sources all post-date Christian contact, do they not?

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
11:22 am
I belong to a local kindred that is going to stay local for now.  We are exploring what the gods mean to us through both scholarship and personal experience.  And we care not one whit if some grumpy Heathen or another 1000 miles from us frowns on our local thew.  

I'm a Heathen on the local scene, but also belong to a national Druid organization.  Druids are typically nicer people.  In any case, learning to honor the land and natural cycles is important to me.  Within Heathenry I focus on Freyja and Freyr, but also give Odin his due. 

I and my kindred are especially interested in the esoteric arts within Heathenry - runes-galdr, Seidhr, even "hexology" from the German-American communities.   We don't have a problem using esoteric currents from greater neopagandom (Druidry, in particular) to fill in the gaps when we have to.  We're just starting to experiment, but I feel as the future progresses we will draw much closer to the gods, wights and ancestors than studying the Lore alone would have done.  Some people would call us Wiccatru. My response is that we are not Wiccatru. If anything, we are Druidtru ;-)  
Saturday, July 7th, 2012
12:41 am
New community

A community for those who are interested in / love / are dedicated to the Norse god Loki, and those who support Lokeans and honouring Loki.
A place to discuss Loki, His family, and the old Norse faith and mythology.
Personal experiences (personal gnosis) are welcome.

Open to everyone.
Respect for other people's beliefs is not optional.
Disrespecting other members in general will not be tolerated.

(Posted with permission :-)
Thursday, December 9th, 2010
1:55 pm
If you leave off the c in cookies on your iPhone, the first autocorrect suggestion is Loki. Just thought you'd like to know.

Current Mood: mischievous
Monday, December 6th, 2010
2:05 pm
The proper use of Thor's hammer
Summer before last I found a small sledge that looks remarkably like a Thor's hammer. I'm now using it to chop chocolate and mash peppermints for fudge.

So Thor's men and women, do you think he'd approve?

Current Mood: artistic
Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
12:46 pm
Book Signing with dpaxson in Seattle!
In association with erynn999, Diana and I proudly present: something to do this Saturday night!

Diana Paxson (dpaxson, author of Taking Up the Runes, Essential Asatru, Trance-Portation, and a stack of fiction books as long as your arm, will be at Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle THIS SATURDAY, October 16th, from 4-6 PM for a book signing.

Whoever's left standing at the end of the affair will help us decide where we're going for dinner--a pubmoot may well break out! Have there been any stories that we wouldn't tell you because "you'd have to get us drunk"? This may be your chance!

dpaxson has been a strong influence in modern paganism and heathenry for over twenty years, involved in organizations at all levels. Currently, she serves as Clergy Coordinator for The Troth, as well as editing its magazine Idunna and substantiative contributor to Our Troth. On the local (San Francisco Bay Area) scene, she runs the open heathen group Hrafnar as well too many other things to list here.

Our apologies for the short notice! I hope you'll be able to join us.

-- Lorrie [x-posted to: personal journal, asatruar

Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, September 6th, 2010
11:12 pm
Tyr and Odin
I am an Odinswoman, warrior, bard and witch. But sometimes I wonder if I am also a Tyrswoman. I love law and the Constitution more than I love the gods and a close second to how much I love my family. I took an oath to protect the Constitution and even though the military almost killed me I still hold that oath in my heart. I love honor and justice, especially in warriors.

Odin can be a right bastard when it comes to things like collateral damage and bending the rules to suit his wants. Tyr doesn't. Tyr pays the price when Odin breaks his word.

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Saturday, August 21st, 2010
8:24 pm
Dreams of bad heathens
What does it mean to dream about meeting Odin in a laundromat?

Current Mood: weird
Thursday, June 10th, 2010
10:00 pm
Banishing violent spirits.
I'm just wondering randomly and I guess its good for me to know - should I ever encounter violent spirits, one that can hurt you or your love ones by making objects such as vases or so, fall from high places etc etc.

How do we banish them?

I mean the Christians have holy water and crosses and all, what do we use?

I'm just asking because I am a magnet for paranormal things, even though I don't do ANYTHING and my worse fear is to face a violent entity in my house O_O'''''''''''

It has happened to a friend's nana who was babysitting one night and a vase fell from a very high shelf.....

Current Mood: scared
Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
6:51 pm
Bad heathen, researching
I've been rather doubly a bad heathen of late - I've been diving more and more into reading histories trying to make sense of "what was" and how it leads to now - as well as exploring Saami and Siberian cultures (both of whom had contact) to try to understand "missing bits". In my defence I've been trying to learn some of the Sagas in the Norse, as my broken Dutch and German seem to be helping.

Some questions, just to rile things up a bit.
- How are folks on seeing similarities between the Shamans (Siberia) and Seiðr? (or even with the Saami)
- For me, it's looking like the move towards trade and the challenge of it was a natural move away from war, historically. The move to war was associated with the rise of Odin, what would this be?
- We seem to be moving away from trade/consumption as "core values of culture". Slowly. Any ideas on this? :)

Perhaps I've been reading too much casual archaeology online. Cheers!
Thursday, May 6th, 2010
10:18 pm
Accusations of Racism
I haven't been accused of anything yet, mostly because I wear my liberal bleeding heart on my sleeve, but I worry. I worry that somebody will recognize the Valknut I wear from the Anti-Defamation League's catalog of racist symbols and call me to task. And I have a speech all prepared for the day.

Does anybody else do that?

(Mine is a nut shell is "You can't honor your ancestors by dissing other people's. Your wyrd is shaped by your situation, your character and your luck. And by the turn of that luck today's king is tomorrow's thrall.")
Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
4:19 pm
Diverging Views of Government, Tyr
pagan_prompt: Arguing with Gods
In a recent psychological study found that people tended to project their own moral and political opinions onto the divine. The study focused mostly on American Christians however and one wonders what the results may be in Pagan circles.

So for today's prompt: Do you agree with your Primary Patron/Matron (or a generalized image of the divine) on all ethical or political issues? What differences, if any, do you see yourself having in opinion with your deity? (if you need some specific issues to focus on the study in question asked about opinions on abortion, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, the death penalty, the Iraq War, and the legalisation of marijuana).
I share a patron god with Dan Halloran, the Theodsman who was recently elected to City Council in Queens and the first "open" pagan to have ascended public office.

While we both turn to Tyr, we have wildly divergent views of government and economics. As a Libertarian, Mr. Halloran sees the best government role to be a nonexistent one, while I take issue with that, seeing the individual as being subject to, and a major part of, governance (who else would Tyr have lorded over, but man?). Unfortunately, we cannot realistically revert back to the tribal system of government, so we have to make due with what we have.

As for capitalism, or at least, laissez-faire capitalism, I need only point to the fact that Tyr sacrificed his hand to bind Fenris. Where was the profit there? I would argue that he made an enormous sacrifice (some seeing this act as an abdication of sovereignty, given the fact that Odin replaced Tyr as the supreme deity at some point in time), and that the honorable person would follow this example. It is not about the individual, but rather about the tribe: the community, the greater good.

I would be really interested in hearing Mr. Halloran's point of view, and where in the lore he justifies how he believes. Granted, he might be on a closer wavelength to Tyr than I am mystically (not having that gift, myself), but I haven't been set straight the way other deities have intervened on affronting situations.

I could go on at great lengths about this issue, but I think this crystallizes my main disagreements with the "mainstream" beliefs about Asatru.

Comments? Repudiations? I'd like to hear what others think on the matter.
Friday, November 13th, 2009
3:16 pm
Power Trip
This was inspired by, and to some degree ganked from, a post by shadowthorne

I have several questions about the nature of power. I'm interested in your opinions on the subject.

1. How do you define "power"?
2. Is there something inherently divisive about power?
3. Are those who seek power destined to experience a certain amount of isolation, as mystics and writers do?
4. How do you feel about the romanticization of power? What about the vilification of power?
5. Do you believe people should reach for power?
6. Do you believe a group of individuals who all fully express their power is doomed to fall apart?
7. On the same token, do you believe it is possible for a group to reach for power and NOT fall apart, instead maintaining unity?

My viewsCollapse )

Current Mood: artistic
Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
6:58 pm
Hello! My Introduction

Hello! I was allowed into this community today and am very grateful. (Thank you Maintainers!) Even though it looks like this community has been quiet for a while I look forward to participating. I've already enjoyed reading previous posts and look forward to new ones. I think "badheathens" are cool. Although I do have to say that after reading previous posts, it seems to me some of you here aren't all that bad! You're cool anyway. 

I enjoy respectful, thought-provoking dialog and hope to make some new friends here. Here are a few reasons I think I am a "badheathen":

I write (Neo) Heathen rather than Heathen but am fine with hose who write Heathen.

I’m not (Neo) Heathen but I am Vanatru.

I have nothing to do with Odin or the Aesir but don't have a problem with those who do.

I’m not religious but I’m wed to Freyja and dedicated to Freyr. It's okay with me if others are religious.

I sometimes roll my eyes when I read Old Norse or Anglo-Saxon words in what others write. Sometimes it comes off to me as the literary equivalent to putting on period costumes.

I am very happy in the US and have no longing to go to Northern Europe to somehow be closer to my goddess and god. Freyja and Freyr are present right here.

I read the Eddas and other lore as one who is Vanatru. That means I read them in the same way I watch SEC Football. Just as I watch SEC football as one who is fiercely loving and loyal to the Georgia Bulldogs, I read the Eddas and other lore as one who is fiercely loving and loyal to the Vanir. Just as my view of SEC football games is seriously biased in favor of the Dawgs, so my reading of the Eddas and other lore is seriously biased in favor of the Vanir. I have given you a fair warning.

I think that there is no mythology of the Vanir only a mythology of the Aesir that contains references to the Vanir.

I created a list of 25 Common Misconceptions about the Vanir in which I interpret Aesiric Mythology in a very eccentric way. Hey, it makes sense to me. Again, I am biased in favor of the Vanir and own my bias.

I think that the concept of UPG is UPG. Take some time and let the idea go off in your brain. If you have to ask what I mean, you probably don’t get it. ;-) GIve it time.

I have to say I actually learned some important things from Edred Thorsson’s Witchdom of the True and books on the Runes.

I’m not a hard polytheist. I’m a polytheistic monist- or at least that's my best attempt so far to label my experience. Try that in a group of”good” (Neo) Heathens.

That’s probably enough for now.

Again, I am happy to be here and look forward to participationg. I hope I can stay. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
7:37 pm
Dedication to Odin.
It's been a few years since I started thinking that ravens were talking to me. And I've been nibbling around the edges of admitting I was being drawn to Odin. This weekend I took the step of buying and wearing a Valknut.

I'll see where that leads...
Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
11:28 am
I'm writing and my heroine is getting ready to invoke Huninn and Muninn. Since it's fiction and I get to do whatever I want, they will show up and answer her questions in typically Ravenesquely vague fashion.

What would you, my Heathen friends, include in your invocation of Ravens, crows and other corvids?

If it matters it's a Batman story and the witch in question want to know how to handle Scarecrow.

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
12:32 am
Thinking too hard, too late at night.
I am a bad heathen and a worse ritualist. My idea of a blott is to buy and extra order of chicken nuggets for the crows. I tend to pray in the shower.

Part of it is that I have this vision of a conversation with Odin.

Me: Great Odin, smite mine enemies and make them tremble in their piss filled boots.
Odin: Okay. Where's you spear.
Me: Haven't got one.
Odin: Scrub the rust of your axe.
Me: can't find it. It's in the garage some place.
Odin: Tell me you've at least called a lawyer. Hitman?
Me: Uhmm.
Odin: Oh forget it.

I'm not a warrior- I might have been one once.
I'm not a skald- oh I can write, but face to face I choke and snivel.
I'm not a seithr- I don't know where to begin.

But today I promise to try. There's got to be something around here I can arm myself with.

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Sunday, March 8th, 2009
11:24 pm
Lokean commandments
Just a quick update- awhile back, I had posted some Lokean writings by an unnamed woman. The woman is now named!Nikitanopants is personally responsible for the Lokean Commandments and Loki's Creation story.

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